Our shop is currently closed for pick-up, but the store remains open for delivery orders and online pre-orders for upcoming events.

About Rockwell

The McKinney family, Dale and Ann McKinney and kids, live in Decatur, IL.  While Dale has worked as a Trauma PA at a local hospital, Ann has been busy working at home raising their 17 children, as well as running a successful dog grooming business.  The McKinney’s have dreamed of opening a coffee shop for over a decade, writing a business plan in 2014.  Only recently did their dream start to feel more reachable, when they discovered a gentleman in New Mexico running a mobile coffee shop.  After a lot of research, they purchased a large enclosed car hauler, and remodeled it into the first mobile, walk-in coffee shop in the Midwest:  RockWell Coffee Company.

The McKinney teens have been instrumental in the creation of a menu for RockWell.  Dale purchased a large amount of coffee and tea supplies in the Fall of 2022, and the family spent that Winter and the subsequent Spring researching, experimenting, and perfecting a menu of amazing drinks.  In March 2023, the McKinney’s purchased a new 18 foot long enclosed car hauler.  Over the following 3-4 months, the car hauler was transformed into the first mobile walk-in coffee shop in the Midwest.

The name RockWell came from the desire of the McKinney’s to create a place of community for those in the Decatur, IL area.  Recently, Facebook, Instagram and other “social media” apps have become the place that community and conversation happens.  Prior to social media, the “water cooler” was where those interactions occurred.  And prior to that, the rock well is where the community came together to meet, interact and support each other.  That name stuck with the McKinney’s and 9 years ago became the name of our future coffee shop.  With our customers known to us as “friends”, RockWell has become a hub of community for those friends in the Decatur, IL region, and beyond.

RockWell Coffee Company strives to provide tasty drinks and treats, in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.  Coffee, espresso, tea, chia, flavored lemonades and homemade, plant-based energy drinks are served with a warm smile.  Fresh, home baked cookies, brownies, muffins, scones and the like are also available.

RockWell Coffee Company functions as a pop-up mobile walk-in coffee shop in a permanent location at 550 N. Van Dyke, the home of New Vision Church.  The shop will also serve the greater Decatur community at farmer’s markets, festivals, special events and wedding receptions.

The atmosphere at RockWell is relaxed, warm, inviting and nostalgic.  As the name “RockWell” portrays old world sophistication, the names of the signature drinks builds on that feeling, with names like The 007, Capone, Maltese Falcon, Dragon’s Breath, Sherlock, Golden Ticket, and Cherry Bomb.

The beauty of a small, family-owned coffee shop is that friends are able to customize everything they purchase at RockWell.  Want more caramel in your caramel iced cold brew, we put more caramel in it.  Did you try a RockWell Energy drink, and find that you would like something else instead?  We’ll help you try something else, until you find your new favorite drink.  Want a muffin warmer, we can do that.  Winning friends over by serving amazing, delicious drinks and snacks… that’s our goal.

family standing in front of RockWell Coffee Pop up event truck