Our shop is currently closed for pick-up, but the store remains open for delivery orders and online pre-orders for upcoming events.

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Deliveries from RockWell Coffee

Have you tried our delivery service at RockWell? Check this out! RockWell is trying to do something different, very different! We are delivering our amazing drinks, snacks and baked goods, nearly every day of the week (except Sunday…you know…day of rest sort of thing!) to local businesses, schools, non-profits…wherever we can, really! And we are doing the deliveries ourselves. No third-party delivery service…which means minimal delivery fee, absolutely no “service fees (whatever those are), you see a familiar face, dealing with folks that have a vested interest in seeing you happy…and more. The benefits of us delivering to you ourselves are endless!! 😊

Here’s how it works: you contact us via the website, or Facebook Messenger, and tell us that you are interested in trying our delivery service. We will have a dialogue with you to find the right date and time for the delivery. We create a “delivery location and date/time” and put that into our Mobile Ordering Portal. You and your team (friends, co-workers, fellow teachers…) go to the Mobile Ordering Portal and browse the menu individually. When you each find the drinks and snacks that you all want to order, each person puts in their own order, picking the delivery location date/time of their place of business.

The RockWell team will make the drinks and put together the snack orders, and deliver them on time. You all will get your drinks and snacks, fall in love with them, and start planning the next delivery! ❤️❤️❤️

It is that simple. We would love to hear from you, and find a time that we can bring some great drinks and snacks directly to you!!! Let us know if your place of business would like in on this, and we will find a date/time that will work. 😊

Oh, this will also work for groups or families that are having get-togethers, like reunions, office parties, business meetings, and such. Imagine having guests arrive to a table filled with several different types of drinks for them to choose from? You would be the hit of the party or meeting!!! 😊 Hopefully we will talk soon. ❤️

Posted by: RockWell Coffee Company