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RockWell Coffee Company at New Vision Church

July 16, was a day filled with warmth, friendship, and plenty of coffee at New Vision Church in Decatur, IL. Although not officially open yet, RockWell Coffee served nearly 70 drinks from coffee, lattes, chai, Rockwell Energy, and cold brew to the church community. The event was a smashing success and left everyone buzzing with excitement.

Our team was thrilled to serve such a large group of friends, and getting to hone our barista skills along the way. The day was filled with compliments, suggestions, and the joy of making new connections. The entire McKinney family played a crucial role, throughout the event, turning it into an unforgettable experience.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the wonderful community at New Vision Church, whose warmth and hospitality made the day even more special. Stay tuned for the official opening of RockWell Coffee, but until then, the love and dedication poured into today’s event surely set the stage for something extraordinary and we can’t wait for more.

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