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Things I Learned at RockWell Coffee Today…

1. There is a Triathlon competition this week on and around Lake Decatur.

2. Blueberry as a hot latte flavor is actually really good! 😋

3. There are still folks working from home in their corporate jobs…actually a lot of folks are!!

4. Teachers at Argenta-Oreana had CPR training yesterday…and one took some RockWell drinks with her to keep alert. 😊

5. Toasted Marshmallow is a very popular flavor right now…and some friends will be overjoyed when you finally get it back in stock. 😆

6. Strangers can meet at a coffee shop and quickly find something in common…and end up talking like they have known each other for years. 😊

7. Your family will support your crazy small business idea more than you could have ever imagined! ❤️

8. Millikin students like caffeine, too. 😊

9. A dropped large, hot caramel latte makes a BIG mess on the floor (that was me, not a friend, that proved this one). 🤦‍♂️

10. RockWell is a really fun place to drink coffee, and hang out. 🤗

Posted by: RockWell Coffee Company