Our shop is currently closed for pick-up, but the store remains open for delivery orders and online pre-orders for upcoming events.

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Wow…What a Week!!!

The week of Jan. 15 – 21 was just crazy!!! First, the temperatures dropped to the 10-15 degree range on Monday Jan. 15. We were open, but it was cold! 🥶 Local schools were cancelled on Tuesday, Jan. 16. We had to cancel our deliveries to two schools, but we still were able to deliver to many local businesses. Then starting on Wednesday, the temperatures plummeted to zero, and at times, a few degrees below zero. We closed our shop for the rest of the week. On Thursday I gave our small electric space heater to a friend whose furnace had quit in his home. I didn’t feel that we needed it, as we were keeping our coffee shop’s temperature in the low 70s. But…somehow Thursday night, our HVAC system in the shop turned to “fan only” and when I checked the shop Friday afternoon, it was frigid in the shop. And all of the water pipes were frozen. And so was the espresso machine and the water filtration system. I was devastated!!! I got the HVAC system back on “heat”, and I went and bought 2 small space heaters and placed them near the frozen pipes and equipment. Then we waited….and waited. And after about 4 hours, all of the pipes thawed, the filtration system drained well, and the espresso machine started working perfectly. We were ecstatic!!! And we still are!!!
Then on Sunday, we were all ready to serve at the MTZ Kids Wrestling Club tournament. Again, the temperatures had dipped to zero overnight, but we were excited to get back open and serve coffee, even in freezing weather! But, our Ford Expedition would not start…and jump starting it did not help. We had to cancel…again!!! UGH! Later that afternoon we got the Expedition up and running. We spent the rest of Sunday cleaning, stocking and getting ready to open Monday, Jan. 22. And then an ice storm hit overnight. What?!?! So…we had to cancel on Monday. What a horrible week. We are ready to be open and serve some coffee!!! Maybe tomorrow? We certainly hope so!! 😊

Posted by: RockWell Coffee Company